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Stool Ki


The modularity of the items is conditioned by the principle of writing Japanese with just one stroke you can change the meaning of a character or a whole sentence. This idea led us to use separate modules in the construction of the Ki chairs, as elements of the character. This organically coincided with our goal to approach the concept of “zero waste” in the production of the new collectio

The stool is the basic unit of the entire line of chairs in the Ki collection. By adding a new module to the stool, a chair appears, and then a chair with armrests.

The stool has an ergonomic shape that allows you to comfortably sit on any side of it. The back of the seat has a slightly raised "tail" which functions as a back support. Thanks to the counter slope of the main seat and the "tail", a hollow is formed for comfortable long stays on the stool without lumbar support.

The stool can be produced in oak, walnut or painted according to the RAL colour chart.

Upholstery Cat.1
Product dimensions W39xD40xH46
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The items of the Ki collection can be attributed to Japandi stylistics, which is characterised by clean lines, simplicity, sufficiency, naturalness, functionality and harmony with nature. To a greater extent, the collection has taken on Japanese undertones inspired by the image of the Torii Gate which is a traditional symbol of harmony between man and nature and also represents a symbolic transition between the mundane and the sacred.

Torii are often made of wood and have a simple structure, consisting of two vertical posts and two horizontal beams connected at the top by a roof with a characteristic Japanese architectural shape. The stool has become the basic item of the modular collection. The simplest object by function, it encapsulated the image of Torii to the utmost. Its outlines, angles and characteristically raised "tail" visually replicate the architectural techniques distinctive of Japanese gates.

Just as you can change the meaning of a Japanese character by adding a new stroke, by adding a new module to a stool, a chair appears and then a chair with armrests.

Story of creation
Ki collection

The Ki collection has incorporated all the key features of the Japandi style, blending Japanese design elements with modern Scandinavian trends. Its main principle is practicality and a careful attitude to natural resources, which is also one of the main values of UNIKA.

The new collection is characterized by simplicity and harmony of forms that create a unique interior image. For us, the house is a sacred place that gives strength, protects from the external, the mundane, and allows you to plunge into the world that we create with our own hands. We hope that the items of the Ki collection will become more than just a piece of furniture: a source of harmony, tranquility and comfort in any space.