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About us

UNIKA møblar is a brand of designer furniture with its own production. The foundation of our concept is mindfulness, simplicity, and a respectful attitude towards nature.

We create furniture with a focus on a subtle harmony between people and the surrounding space. Unika is a combination of individual aesthetics, ergonomics, and comfort. In order for our items to serve you truly long, we carefully think through the details, measure proportions, and select quality natural materials - veneers and solid woods of American walnut or European oak.

By working on each model, we fill it with meaning and story, so that in different interiors, the items transform in a new way.

Respect for nature and rational consumption is an important part of our philosophy, so we strive to introduce more environmentally friendly methods of material processing into production.

At Unika, we believe that consciousness is formed through the ideas and objects that surround us. Our goal is to help you create an inspiring interior that you will be pleased to return to after a stressful day.