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Chair Tipi oak


The comfort of the chair Tipi is reached by the multi-layer filling of the seat and the special adaptive construction of the back, which is technologically reminds a corset of a woman’s dress. The chair is equally comfortable for people of different constitution and provides the necessary support for both lower back and thoracic section.

Thanks to its amazingly light weight, the item is comfortable to move around, and the compactness allows to place the chair in small spaces.

Tipi is made from different types of wood. Enameled beech gives an even textureless finishing. An old recipe based on Danish soap allows you to create the most delicate tactile sensations from contact with natural oak. The third basic finishing is American walnut tinted oak. These options allow you to create different looks in combination with the types of fabric: suede, velour, recycled plastic bouclé and matting.

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Product dimensions W45хD55хH81/47
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The prototype of this object was the traditional portable dwelling of the nomadic Indians of the Great Plains. That is why the object got its name – Tipi (like a wigwam). The silhouette of the tipi is read through the fabric stretched over the crossed structure and carries a reflection of the traditional freedom of spirit and energy layered on modern reality.

The concept of the word “home” in the XXI century began to change. If earlier people called home the place where they were born and lived all their lives, a modern man is used to constant movement and change of locations. Renting a house, an apartment, a car and going on a trip has become a common thing for him/her. Man/woman is gradually returning to a nomadic way of life. With the development of digital technologies, it became possible to work fr om anywhere in the world, buy goods from other countries and not to be tied to one place. The house is now a place wh ere a person can relax and have rest at a certain moment in his/her life.

Combining the trends of the new nomadism with maintaining the high level of comfort that people are used to, we have come to transfer this image to the Tipi chair.

Story of creation
Chair Tipi

We set ourselves the goal of developing a compact frame chair, which with such a design will give a level of comfort comparable to an armchair. The Unika team has achieved it by implementing technically complex techniques and experimentally found ways to execute them. At the base of the Tipi chair is a high-strength Oxford weave.

The constructive knot of the crossing of the two sides creates the necessary recess, inside which the multi-layer filler guarantees maximum comfort, considering the universal anatomical features of a person. The inclination of the back supports provides maximum opening of the backrest at the top point. This makes it very comfortable, regardless of the type of figure. Frame structure, which is hidden in the back, implemented on the principle of a women’s dress corset: the inner slats are adapted to the shape of the thoracic section, and the lower back shaft keeps the back in an anatomically correct position. These qualities allow us to say with confidence that the back of the chair turned out to be plastic, adaptive and can keep its shape for many years.

The chair offers a comfortable seating, limited only by your imagination. At the same time, it will be comfortable to sit on it in any position. The front transverse side is recessed to such an extent that you can enjoy comfort, even bending your legs under you. At the same time, while maintaining an anatomically correct form of seating, the chair will support this position as much as possible due to such details as a lower back shaft on a belt basis, a corset and softness of the seat.

All the details of this item are carefully balanced by Fibonacci – the golden ratio.

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