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Chair Hans


The chair Hans provides lower back support and a comfortable seating angle. Due to its compact size and minimalistic silhouette, this item can be used even in small spaces. The durable and practical materials which Hans is made of make it durable and reliable. The chair can be made both with a hard seat and with a soft one. For more comfort, you can choose a complete set with a removable textile pillow.

Product dimensions W47хD51хH67/45
Item no. 000844
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The strict and ascetic look of the Hans chair is actually deceptive: it can make the interior memorable, graphic, and at the same time add a sense of East or West depending on the interaction with other objects in the space and the overall color scheme.

Despite its compactness and small dimensions, the chair Hans provides full lower back support and helps to maintain the correct posture even during long seating. The visual lightness of the design is achieved thanks to the seat, which is detached from the supports and the sides as far as possible.

Story of creation
Chair Hans

This piece was developed based on the design of bar stool Hans. In its shaping, it inherited all its features. The compactness of the chair allows you to comfortably place it under a low table and use it in small spaces. And due to the fact that the supports are lowered much lower than the seat, a person of any constitution can sit on a chair with comfort.

At the prototyping stage, we experimentally calculated the optimal height of the transverse side, which, on the one hand provides strength, and on the other hand, allows you to take different positions of the body even freely bending your crossed legs.The length of the back allows you to lean on the “horns” barely touching it with the forearms. At the same time the backrest angle is lowered in such a way that even with active gestures, an accidental risky elbow strike is minimal.

One of the undoubted advantages for the HoReCa segment is the possibility of disassembled delivery of the chair. It allows to replace elements in case of serious damage if the item was used in tough service conditions. 

For extra protection, the technology of deep penetration of the colouring pigment into the wood texture is used, which allows the object even with sufficiently sensitive mechanical damage to keep the paint layer, without exposing the texture of the tree.

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