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Chair Broche


Thanks to the fluffy filling, the chair Broche gives a feeling of comfort and coziness. The high back allows you to maintain the correct posture in a relaxed position, providing support for the thoracic and lower back sections. A laconic image with French touches can be easily integrated into different styles of interiors.

The model is stackable that is especially important for the HoReCa segment.

Broche is available in three variants of finishings: natural oak covered with a hypoallergenic soap solution according to an old Danish recipe; oak tinted in walnut; and textured ash under enamel, which, if desired, you can order in any color according to the RAL palette.

Upholstery Cat.1
Cat. 2
Cat. 3
Cat. 4
Cat. 5
Product dimensions W44xD51xH85/45 cm
W44xD51xH85/45 cm
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The key element in the shaping of the chair is a decorative “brooch”, which visually and technically works like a kind of hair clip – cuff. It collects and tightly presses light fabric, creating the necessary stretching for it. The support lines visually flow into the soft part forming a clear silhouette which is intentionally chiseled and keeps the shape.

Like the Wegner model, the idea of comfortable placement of the object was implemented in the Broche model. This idea allows you not to touch the back side with your feet. The chair assumes different seating options, so you will be equally comfortable sitting both ergonomically correct and half-turned to another person without experiencing any discomfort.

Story of creation
Chair Broche

A truly sculptural approach to design was implemented in the creation of Broche model: the form was originally completely sculpted from modelling clay, and all the details were specified on a scale model. Working with volumes, the leading designer of the Unika brand, Sergey Gravchikov, was implementing the technical concept – to create an item that could meet a number of HoReCa requirements both in terms of comfort and functionality.

First of all, the emphasis was on a relatively long seating time with lower back support and a smooth transition to fixation of the thoracic section. An option to easily stack the item was also highlighted as one of the necessary criteria to reduce transport costs and for easier storage.

The key idea in shaping of the chair was a decorative cuff brooch that holds the fabric and creates visual stretching. Applying of this idea to the internal structure of the Wegner chair, the initial silhouette of the new piece was formed. Only a sculptural approach to design made it possible to create a new image on this basis.

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