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Bar stool Hans


The well-thought-out solid frame of the bar stool Hans was created according to the basic needs in the HoReCa segment – a high degree of stability, comfortable fit, memorable style and practicality of materials. The item is produced in different heights: semi-bar (88 cm) and bar (98 cm). The stool can be made both with a hard seat and with a soft one. Additionally, for greater comfort, you can add a soft lumbar pillow to it.

Product dimensions W47хD55хH98/75
Item no. 000860
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The bar stool Hans is a combination of extreme simplicity and firmness in the image. Its construction is designed to achieve a high degree of stability. The backrest provides the necessary lower back support to maintain the correct posture.

Perfectionists will appreciate the functionality of the curves that allow you to hang the bag on the ledges of the front supports, and the presence of a decorative heel on the side, which additionally protects the paint layer from abrasion. In addition, the angle of the back gently protects the elbows from accidental impact when turning the body.

Story of creation
Bar stool Hans

This chair was the second to be developed by Unika Møblar after the Inge half chair. Also, it inherited a light silhouette and shaping principles from this collection.

The whole image of the chair Hans is an aesthetic solution to functional tasks. We decided to solve the problems that are usually encountered in the HoReCa segment and identified three postulates of the main requirements for a bar stool: compactness, stability and aesthetics.

The high operational load of such objects in public spaces often leads to the fact that the visual component eventually loses its original appearance. It gave us the idea to create an element that would protect the chair from such a fate and at the same time organically fit in style with the external attributes of the object. This is how a metal heel appeared, choosing the colour of which the item can be easily integrated into the interiors of different styles.

The second significant thing in public spaces is the clever structure of personal belongings arrangement. Usually, a person at the bar can place personal items on a hook in front of his/her feet, sacrificing comfort, or behind a chair, losing a sense of security. This task was carried out on remote and intentionally underlined supports, on which you can hang a bag.

Level of stability is very important for a bar stool. When a person gets up, he/she psychologically should feel reliability and safety. Thanks to the optimal angle of the front and back supports, it is virtually impossible to tip over on the Hans chair.

The length of the back allows you to lean on the “horns” barely touching it with the forearms. At the same time the backrest angle is lowered in such a way that even with active gestures, an accidental risky elbow strike is minimal.

One of the undoubted advantages for the HoReCa segment is the possibility of disassembled delivery of the chair. It allows to replace elements in case of serious damage if the item was used in tough service conditions. For extra protection, the technology of deep penetration of the colouring pigment into the wood texture is used, which allows the object even with sufficiently sensitive mechanical damage to keep the paint layer, without exposing the texture of the tree.

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