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Table Ki Oak


The form-factor of the table was formed in the process of solving the problem of Zero Waste concept approaching while cutting sheet material. That allowed us to find a balance between the form referring to the Japanese Torii gate and the rational use of resources. All elements of the table are cut on a single sheet of plywood.

The rounded edges on the long sides of the table make the form softer and inviting. This adds to the comfort of using the table as both a dining table and a writing table. 

The table can be finished in oak veneer, walnut veneer or can be tailored in the RAL palette.

Цвет Oak
Product dimensions W160xD80xH75
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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Story of creation
Ki collection

The Ki collection has incorporated all the key features of the Japandi style, blending Japanese design elements with modern Scandinavian trends. Its main principle is practicality and a careful attitude to natural resources, which is also one of the main values of UNIKA.

The new collection is characterized by simplicity and harmony of forms that create a unique interior image. For us, the house is a sacred place that gives strength, protects from the external, the mundane, and allows you to plunge into the world that we create with our own hands. We hope that the items of the Ki collection will become more than just a piece of furniture: a source of harmony, tranquility and comfort in any space.