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Table Casper


When in use, a table with one support is practical and functional. This type of tabletop shape allows you to organize the seating for the maximum number of people. The main mass of the Casper table is concentrated in the lower part of the support ensuring maximum stability. It is perfect for both a dining area and a spacious living room. The array of soft finishes allows you to pick and choose the fabric according to its use.

Upholstery Cat.1
Cat. 2
Cat. 3
Cat. 4
Cat. 5
Product dimensions Ø100хH75
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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For a long time, a play of contrasts has been featured when creating UNIKA objects: the Hans chair with elements of Western and Eastern aesthetics; the hard frame and soft cushions of the Hans sofa; the elegance and durability of the Tynd collection and the Casper table is no exception.

Casper is the main hero of the Disney cartoon about the ghost of the same name, which many of us met in childhood. Despite the fact that the image of a floating ghost is always associated with a chilling cold, the main character of the cartoon deliberately refutes these stereotypical ideas. Similarly, the Casper table, brings coziness and warmth to the interior through its rounded shapes. The object retains an image reminiscent of a floating ghost, while inviting only the most loved ones to a sincere conversation.
Story of creation
Table Casper

The process of creating this item began with the advent of one thought - to unite loved ones for friendly get-togethers. During the first lockdown in 2020, the importance of meeting with loved ones in the real world became urgent. It was at that time that the idea came to create an object enhancing the effect of warm friendly meetings with its tactile properties. Moreover, the term “social circle” is literally expressed here in the form of the table. A soft but monolithic base allows one to comfortably sit a large number of people.

The stable base is visually slightly detached from the floor giving the impression that the table is floating above the ground. The soft fabric finish creates a pleasant tactile sensation. The slim and elegant tabletop adds air to the interior and contrasts with the voluminous base. The Casper table can be integrated into stylistically different spaces thanks to the wide choice of fabrics and top colors.

The graphic chairs Inge and Hans are a great addition as they particularly stand out against the soft upholstery of the base.