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Hippo coffee table walnut


The Hippo coffee table is made up of numerous articulations of simple shapes that make its geometry interesting from all angles. Soft bases have an internal rigid frame that provides the necessary function of a coffee table. Volumetric supports interact differently with the plane of the table top. Three ways of fastening the legs create a play of volume, light and shade in space.

There are 5 upholstery fabrics to choose from. The top is available in 5 finishes: American walnut, European oak (natural, bleached or tinted walnut), and can also be painted according to your choice according to the RAL colour chart. Two sizes of the Hippo coffee table allow the piece to integrate well in both large spaces and small living rooms.

Upholstery Cat.1
Cat. 2
Cat. 3
Cat. 4
Cat. 5
Product dimensions W110хD60хH32
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The Hippo coffee table is the basis of the collection of the same name, because it was the original idea although the mirror and side table were first to be produced.

Having repeatedly appeared in renderings alongside other UNIKA items, the Hippo table has always attracted attention. The object intrigues with its shape, and the protruding support subconsciously brings to mind the image of a large hippo calmly resting on the surface of the water.

For centuries lush and rounded shapes have subconsciously evoked a feeling of comfort, warmth and security. The hippopotamus physique has the above characteristics, which is probably why its image often appears in works of art: from books to cartoons, where it is presented as a large good-natured creature.

Also with UNIKA, the hippopotamus has become the basis for several objects, conveying the values ​​and views of the company through its image. If the Hippo mirror is a story about social responsibility and the identification of a person with wildlife, then the Hippo coffee table, as a side table, is a story about a combination of contrasts that evoke welcoming softness, benevolence and calmness when in their proximity.

Story of creation
Coffee table Hippo

Hippo has been an element in the Unika collection for a long time, with its first image being the Hans sofa. The puffy sofa cushions resemble the face of everyone's favorite animal. When creating a visual rendering for the presentation of the Hans collection, our product designer, Sergey Gravchikov, decided to enhance and continue the animalistic story through a complementary item for the living area. This is how the first sketches of a coffee table appeared, drawing attention due to the unusual play of shapes and the contrasts of light and dark. Three rounded monolithic bases are attached to the thin tabletop in three different ways: the first dominates the tabletop, the second props it up from below, and the third barely touches the side. This technique creates an attractive image that makes you want to circle around the object in order to become aware of the form and understand how it interacts with space.

Even the first sketches of this item clearly demonstrated the power of the new collection. The image of a hippopotamus, although very controversial, is associated on a subconscious level with something kind, warm, soft and cozy, which is surprising because in real life it is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet.

Whether our ideas about hippos are influenced by the characters from the Moomin and Madagascar cartoons or by deep-rooted associations with rounded, voluminous shapes and what they symbolize - we do not know, but that the Hippo coffee table is going to become an attention grabbing piece of furniture we guarantee.