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Extending dining table Kyns Walnut


The panther’s claw has become the prototype of the extending table Kyns. In this image there is plasticity and grace, combined with the firmness and confidence of a proud predator. The stable frame of the table allows you to maintain the lightness of the space without overloading it.

At the same time, the extending dining table Kyns is both light and stable. When folded, the model is quite compact, and the hidden folding mechanism allows you to easily carry out the transformation single-handedly with an increase in the diameter of the table by 38 cm. The synchronous extending mechanism makes it easy to prepare the table for the arrival of guests.

The frame of the table is made of strong ash tree. The tabletop is available in two variants of finishing: American walnut and European oak. The size variety of the object allows you to choose the appropriate option for your interior.

Цвет Walnut
Product dimensions Ø110/148хH75
Item no. 001002
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The prototype of the table Kyns (from the Finnish word Kynsi) was the sharp claw of a panther. In this image, we were attracted by plasticity and grace, combined with the firmness and confidence of a proud predator.

The whole image is full of recognizable features, grace and plasticity of this animal. The curvilinear joints convey the recognizable bend of the tail, the rounded chamfer of the tabletop shows the tips of the ears, and the base supports are the claws.

While keeping a large tabletop space, this item does not overload the interior due to the airy light design.

Story of creation
Table Kyns

By the time Kyns was created, Unika Møblar already had a table Anders with a solid base and a table Glat with a rather strict and laconic appearance in the assortment of round tables. We wanted to create a completely new image – at the same time stable, visually light and tenacious. The word “tenacious” gave us an idea of the cat family.

It was very important for us to implement this association through the details without using direct quotation. To implement this idea, we had to use non-trivial moves and technically complex techniques. For example, rigid joints. The three-beam element of the table foot is securely fastened into a dead knot, which creates a durable and strong structure.

We also thought of an additional functional feature of this table – you can comfortably put your feet directly on the footboard and feel the warmth of the natural material.

All the details of this item are carefully balanced by Fibonacci – the golden ratio.

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