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Extending dining table Anders Oak


The table Anders is very compact for extending dining table. Depending on the chosen type of finishing and colour it can be used in stylistically different interiors. The supports are made of durable beech and the tabletop is veneered in oak and walnut. Thanks to the thin panel integrated into a table we managed to get the minimum size of a table in the folded state from 100 cm. The size variety allows to find a matching piece of furniture for a specific room. 4 people can sit at this table comfortably and thanks to the central panel the length of the table can be extended from 40 cm to 51 cm. This adds two more seating places.  

Цвет Oak
Product dimensions W100-141хH75
Item no. 000951
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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Anders – is a compact extending round table which is based on the esthetics of simple forms. This piece of furniture is more likely to be seen in the loft space. However, by playing with veneer type and color you can totally change its perception. For example, you can leave the frame in the natural shade of beech or repaint the tabletop according to RAL and NCS palettes. Due to the dense beech, which is wear-resistant to deformations, and the design feature, high strength of the table is achieved.

A thin folding mechanism allows you to use the item multifunctionally without losing esthetic appeal and convenience.

Story of creation
Table Anders

The appearance of the Anders table was preceded by the need to create an item stylistically expanding the scope of the presented assortment range of Unika. In addition, it was one of the first extending tables for the company. An important task was to create an object with the preservation of the visually minimal thickness of the tabletop, based on the simple forms’ esthetics.

Such a solution made it possible to fulfill the idea and create a folding mechanism in such a compact table, because the smallest tabletop size is 100 centimeters. The same technique was applied in the design of the table Johann.

The edging of the tabletop, painted in the color of the base, hides the folding mechanism and harmoniously balances the strong cruciform joint in the base.

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