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Dressing table Tynd Oak


The Tynd dressing table will be appreciated by those who value multifunctionality of furniture. You can hide decorative cosmetics, perfume and any other things that you need within easy reach under the folding middle part with a mirror. An important feature of this compartment is completely hidden fittings, which preserves the visual purity of the image. Matted eco-leather used for inner finishing allows to keep it clean and not to worry about spilled powder during the morning toilette. The key feature of the mirror is a wide angle of reflection thanks to which it is convenient to create a hairdo even for tall girls. The tabletop is covered with natural veneer for pleasant tactile sensation. The solid table frame made of ash tree provides the stability of construction.  

Цвет Oak
Product dimensions W80хD45хH75
Item no. 001065
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The prototype and key element in shape making of the entire collection was the work of the French architect Hector Guemar for Paris Metro. We have tried to keep the elegance that inheres in the Art Nouveau style, at the same time leaving behind excessive decorative effect. The frame base contains direct references to the arch elements of the entrance group of the French metro. Characteristic flowing lines resonate in different details of the entire collection. A delicate base makes cabinet furniture easy to perceive, adding air to the interior. 

Story of creation
Tynd collection

Working under the prototype of our first product frame we were looking for the perfect combination between elegance of the construction and its maximum strength. We were testing different types of trees. And only the ash tree gave us the result we were looking for, thanks to its characteristics we managed to create solid construction while maintaining the elegance and lightness of the frame.

After we have created a first item, the potential for the development of an entire collection on basic principle of shaping the first item has become obvious. In the collection you can find almost any necessary piece of furniture: a sofa, an armchair, a bed, a banquette, a bed side table, several variants of chest of drawers, wardrobes, a display cabinet, a bookcase, dining and writing tables, a dressing table, a console table, a wine cabinet, coffee tables and other.

For decorative finishing we have chosen five main types of natural wood veneer: European oak, American walnut, Karelian birch root, bird’s eye maple and golden madrona root. Every finishing gives each item a new perception and allows it to exist harmoniously in interiors of different styles: from mid-century to neoclassicism.