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Dining table Johann Walnut


Minimalistic design of the dining table Johann can be perfectly integrated in many stylistic solutions but especially it matches the best mid-century modern interior. This object will be a perfect dining table for the whole family.

High-density fiberglass which is used in whole frame of this product makes the table resistant to the humidity and temperature change and also allows to reach the high strength of the table construction.

The tabletop veneered in natural European oak and American walnut adds the feeling of nature and coziness to the house which is especially valuable in the city. The size variety of the table allows to choose a variant that will match your room.

Цвет Walnut
Product dimensions W140хD80хH75
Item no. 000978
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The name Johann is one of the most common and typical names for the Nordic countries in the 60s and 70s. Around the same time, the mid-century style gained its popularity, which was characterized by dynamics, smooth shapes and active angles and other “cosmic features”. The table incorporated the most typical external attributes of that period. That is why it got its name which was the most popular at that time.

Johann is a mid-century interpretation of a classic frame scheme. The lightweight image is achieved through the thinnest tabletop with bevelled chamfers and the rapid narrowing of the supports. The smooth outlines of the tabletop soften the silhouette and add visual hospitality.

Story of creation
Table Johann

The general design principle of the table Johann was carried over with significant technological simplifications from its predecessor – the Peruzzo table. In this image, there are no longer graceful “capitals”, and the supports are attached directly to the tabletop.

In order to achieve the necessary stability for the supports and make the strong structure, we experimentally developed a unique principle of the high-density fiberglass processing. Among other things, it allowed us to obtain a smooth silky texture for the entire product.

Another key feature in the shaping of the table legs has become a certain way of their arrangement in the sheet material which they are made of. We have worked out the scheme in such a way that we obtain the maximum outcome of useful products. This technique significantly reduces waste and is a more environmentally friendly production method.

The proportions of the object are adjusted according to the golden ratio (Leonardo Fibonacci sequence).

The angle of table legs repeats the natural position of human legs when he or she is sitting on the chair. It creates an additional space for knees and allows sitting almost at any side of the table.