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Dining table Glat Walnut


Three-legged frame of the table Glat provides the optimal endurance and stability. The tabletop is made in two main finishing: American walnut and European oak. The round shape of the table is comfortable for serving and seating options.

The size variety of this piece of furniture allows to choose the variant matching to your room. 4 people can sit comfortably around the table with diameter 90 cm and 6 people around the table with diameter 110 cm.

Product dimensions Ø90хH75
Item no. 000974
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The name of the table Glat comes from the Danish word which means smoothness. The smooth curves of table frame and geometrically defined chamfers of the tabletop refer to one of the main aspects of 60s of the last century – the dream of space exploration. At that time all objects began to acquire the characteristic features of everything “flying” and cosmic.

The angle of table legs repeats the natural position of human legs when he or she is sitting on the chair. It creates an additional space for knees and allows to sit almost at any side of the table.

Story of creation
Table Glat

The design principle of the Glat table originates from the table frame Taby. Added rounded chamfers, graphite supports and natural veneer allowed to create new actual look from traditional shapes.

In order to achieve the necessary stability for the supports and make the strong structure, we experimentally developed a unique principle of the high-density fiberglass processing. Among other things, it allowed us to obtain a smooth silky texture for the entire product.

Another key feature in the shaping of the table legs has become a certain way of their arrangement in the sheet material which they are made of. We have worked out the scheme in such a way that we obtain the maximum outcome of useful products. This technique significantly reduces waste and is a more environmentally friendly production method.