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Daybed Hans COU (L/R)


The modular sofa Hans is a variable block system that works like a real construction set and allows you to create your own configuration for any space: from the most compact living room to a spacious hall.

The daybed module is a perfect solution for reading or watching a movie. Also, the daybed can be used as a separate item in the office or hallway.

Upholstery Cat.1
Cat. 2
Cat. 3
Cat. 4
Cat. 5
Product dimensions W99хD162хH85
Item no. 000532
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The modular sofa Hans is a variable system of modules that will allow you to create your own configuration for any space, from the most compact living room to the spacious hall. The system includes 6 blocks: a direct module-armchair, a corner final module, a daybed, a fainting couch, a connect corner module and a pouffe seat. Most of them can also be used as separate items. The graphic and light frame, combined with curvaceous forms, creates a feeling of comfort and lightness at the same time.

We paid special attention to the comfort: independent spring blocks at the base of the seat quickly adapt to changes in body position, and the filling of the pillows itself gives a feeling of comfort, while maintaining its appearance for a long time. Thanks to its shape, the object harmoniously looks in interiors of different styles.

Story of creation
Sofa Hans

By the time the Hans modular system was created, Unika Møblar already had a sofa Tynd with a stricter seating and a slightly more “cocktail” type in the range of Unika Møblar. Understanding the importance of comfort creation in the house, we focused our attention on creating something completely different - large, soft and voluminous

The rounded curvaceous forms used in the silhouette of the Hans sofa refer to the original basic associations.

Sitting on the soft "cloud" of the sofa, a person feels safety and comfort at the level of natural instincts. The soft, open corners of the cushions give the sofa a pleasant look, thanks to its association with something alive, like the nostrils of a large hippo.

The second important component of the image was the contrast of well-padded pillows and a rigid frame placed outside. This contrast creates a play of volumes and forms a cozy and complete silhouette. This is especially valuable if you want to zone the space by placing the sofa in the middle.

One of the most difficult questions that we faced while developing the Hans item was how to keep the shape without losing comfort? Pillows should be very soft in the middle, but at the same time elastic and firm enough at the edges so that a person can comfortably lean on the back with an elbow and not sink in.

To achieve this degree of comfort, we paid the most significant attention to the filling. This fluffy puff cake is made of materials of various properties with an independent spring block at the base. A wide selection of combinations of different-sized modules allows you to assemble a set for different tasks and room configurations.

Besides that, you can use items either in a connected structure or arrange them separately. The frame scheme harmoniously complements the Hans chair series. To give the space some graphics, you can combine these items in one interior. Since the frame of the modular system has become an evolutionary continuation of the Hans collection, it has inherited its characteristic features. Thanks to them, the sofa is harmoniously combined with other items of the Unika brand.