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Armchair Kyns


The carefully crafted ergonomics of the Kyns chair makes it the perfect place to unwind - whether reading a book, watching a movie, or spending time with your loved ones. The adjustable belt base provides the right support for the lower back and the thoracic region. The angle of the back allows one to comfortably sit in the chair for a long time without causing fatigue in the neck and collar area.

Rising from a chair, a person usually leans on the armrests, which is why the front supports of the chair are made of solid wood. This allows the product to maintain a neat appearance for a long time, despite frequent contact with the hands. In addition, the Kyns chair is easy to move: the rear hidden supports of the chair are equipped with wheels, which help you easily move the chair to any corner of your home without scratching the floor and without much effort.

Upholstery Cat.1
Cat. 2
Cat. 3
Product dimensions W83хD84хH73
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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The collection, which began with the Kyns dining table, conveys the plasticity of the cat family. While with the first item of the collection the emphasis was placed on the claws and tenacity of a panther, a predator living in the wild, the Kyns chair is an evolution of this concept. The focus shifts to grace, plasticity and suppleness. Having retained all the characteristic features of the cat family, the item better absorbs features of a pet: soft, well-groomed, playful, and ready to release its claws at any moment. The back of the chair is reminiscent of a cat sitting on its rear legs. The front legs, smoothly turning into armrests, have retained the shape of a sharp claw, reminding us that the character of its ancestors is still hidden behind the fluffy nature of this cute creature.
Story of creation
Armchair Kyns

The Kyns armchair is a continuation of the collection with the same name. It began with a dining table which we designed with the central idea of making it stable, visually light and tenacious. It was the word "tenacious" that prompted the idea of the cat family. This idea was actively developed when sketches of the first items in this collection were made. It was then that the primary image of the future chair was formed.

The game of contrasts is one of the distinguishing features of UNIKA furniture: a graphic rigid frame and the soft cloud-like Hans sofa cushions; a the chair from the collection with the same name which fuses elements of both Eastern and Western cultures into the interior: or the Casper table with a monolithic base and a thin top, as if “floating above the ground.” The Kyns armchair continues a good tradition because its rounded shapes and soft upholstery resemble a pet. Simultaneously graceful, “tenacious” legs, smoothly turning into armrests, send us back to its predatory ancestor.

Technically, it proved very difficult to maintain structural rigidity and stability while transitioning from soft shapes to thinner front edges. It took several iterations of prototyping to find the perfect proportions without compromising durability, ergonomics and visual lightness.