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Chest of drawers Kylie


The elegant yet spacious Kylie dresser is an object-manifesto to female beauty and the efforts hidden behind it. Kylie is a fine line between functionality and art. The item is collectible and will be released in a limited edition.

Material: legs - solid ash, heel - brass, body - oak/walnut under oil-wax or lacquer.

The dresser comes in two sizes: for 4 drawer sections and for 3.

Цвет Walnut
Product dimensions W145хD45хH73
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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Kylie is a tribute to female beauty and the efforts hidden behind it: the diligence, strength, and patience of the fairer sex.

The muse was American ballerina Kylie Shea, whose balance between grace and hours of grueling training inspired the combination of these traits in a single object.

The design is built on a delicate reading of the ballerina's silhouette: sturdy and slender brass legs create a stable association with pointe shoes, the intertwining legs of the dresser - with the curve of the ballerina's legs, complex milled "folds" - handles mimic a pleated skirt.

Thanks to the tilt, the front part of the dresser is directed towards the viewer's gaze to create visual contact between the object and the person. The deep black high-quality glass works as a console shelf and, if necessary, it can be replaced.

All proportions are built according to the numbers of Leonardo Fibonacci - the golden ratio. The item works from all sides (360): such a finish allows you to place it differently, zoning the space.

Story of creation
Chest of drawers Kylie

Unika's lead designer Sergey Gravchikov says that half a year before the development of the dresser, he subscribed to the account of American ballerina Kylie Shea. When selecting an image for the new collection, the association with Kylie immediately came to mind. This became the starting point for creating the items.

Kylie and her emotional openness, irony, grace, and training that give such lightness, amazed and inspired the creation of an object-manifesto for all the fairer sex, because such balance is hidden in every woman. The image of the ballerina became key, because behind the lightness we see are feet worn to blood and hours of exhausting training. Kylie's foot tattoo motto: "Save your tears for the stage" draws attention to this each time.

In creating the collection, we set ourselves the task of conveying the image of a ballerina through delicate details. In the dresser, this was achieved by playing with the volume in the "folds"-handles, creating the feeling of a pleated skirt and the direction of the veneer fibers, which looks like fabric. Emphasized pointe shoes serve not only as a decorative technique, but also structurally distribute the load on the solid ash. In the console, the image of the intertwining legs of a ballerina standing on pointe shoes is merged into one support.

The most difficult element was creating the image of a pleated skirt. Due to the folds, its hem visually seems to be of different lengths. Conveying this feeling in the dresser facades is a technologically complex task that we were able to solve at the prototyping stage.