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Chest of drawers Claude


Behind the hinged doors of the chest of drawers Claude there are four niches with shelves for storage, in the middle part there are three drawers. The facades are equipped with hidden milled handles made of oak or walnut. All veneered elements use a combination of materials: MDF with wood lining around the perimeter, covered with a double layer of veneer. This technology is used to create resistance to significant changes in humidity and temperature in the room. The oil-wax coating of veneered elements leaves a pleasant tactile sensation when you use the item.

Facades pass an infrared signal, which allows you to place the media console inside, and a well-thought-out cable management system will safely hide the wires. The inner bottom shelf has an opening that allows natural convection of cool air, which is important for electronic devices.

The deep lower shelf also allows you to hide other devices, preserving the created atmosphere of the interior.

Цвет Oak
Product dimensions W140хD45хH77
Brand Køpmann
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The name is a tribute to the post-war French designer Claude Vassal. The design associatively traces the technique of this master, when the object rests on the body without an evident back support.

This idea served as the basis for the whole image. The chest of drawers has a complex shape opening up in a new way from different angles. The basis of the image is an elegant “tailcoat” with a raised “collar”, as if thrown over the “shoulders” of the chest of drawers.

The business-like and strict silhouette is diluted with playful milled handles. Slim legs and a floating bottom shelf add lightness.

Story of creation
Chest of drawers Claude

Even at the stage of the first sketches, we wanted to create an item that is characteristic of the spirit of early mid-century modern. The time when people, who were tired of post-war asceticism, tried to fill their homes with comfortable, friendly and sometimes even eccentric furniture. The name of the chest of drawers was chosen for a reason. The design associatively traces Claude Vassall’s technique, when the object rests on the body and does not have a back support. This idea served as the basis for the image of a businesslike and strict “tailcoat”.

One of the goals that we set in creating this item is to embody the play of volumes through the transition from mass to thin and light supports, without losing spaciousness. The desire to use a minimum number of textures led us to abandon the external handles and their integration into the facade. Using an invisible, complex fitting, we have created a “floating” lower shelf that, despite its visual lightness, is fully functional, reliable and can withstand a decent amount of weight.

In the course of work, it became clear that the item could also be in demand as a media console table, so inside the sections there are exits for cable channels and natural air convection is provided.