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Зеркало Hippo


The item is made of moisture-resistant plywood. A beveled mirror reduces the reflection of the frame in the mirror, thereby visually lightening it and creating an additional play of light in space.

Цвет Black
Product dimensions Ш64хВ120хГ4
You can personalise your item by choosing colour from RAL or NCS colour palette.
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"Hippo" or "hippopotamus"

Since ancient times, people hunted to survive, while now hunting has become a kind of entertainment for everyone, and the most successful hunters commemorate their victory over wildlife in trophies by decorating the walls of their houses with them.

French photographer Pierre Abensour spent 7 years on a project dedicated to trying to understand what hunting trophies symbolize and why modern man kills animals with his own hands. He called this act "proof of paradoxical love" when, after taking the life away, you give it again. In our view, love cannot be harmful, since love is, first of all, creation.

Story of creation
Mirror Hippo

Hippo is the first Unika mirror. The underlying meaning in the development of the item reflects the views and values ​​of our company.

Creating an animalistic image of a new object, we highlight the importance of identifying a person with nature. Looking at yourself in the mirror Hippo reminds you that you are part of nature, and do not turn it into a trophy.

Thanks to its laconic form and reference to the friendly image of a hippo, the Hippo mirror perfectly integrates into different interior styles, adding light and visually expanding them.